“These types of events build stronger loyalty to the brand. I, for one, am 100% hooked, and all it took was a single outing. Land Rover should capitalize on such an opportunity since it has the unique image in the industry to do so. As an owner, I would appreciate a calendar of events /classes I could sign up for, sent to me by my local dealer. Much more than a duffel bag sent by LRNA, even if there was a cost associated in participating. It appeals to my sense of adventure and it is something different and fun that very few cars on the market these days can fulfill.”

"THE BEST 4X4XFAR...for sure"

“It is an invaluable learning tool for any Land Rover owner, and it is a lot of fun. Even if you do not plan on frequent off-roading, the service generates new appreciation for the vehicle's capabilities and new confidence in knowing the tools are built in and that you will know how to use them, should you ever need them. You will "discover" a car you didn't know you owned!”


“Land Rover and the Land Rover dealers should know that Off Roving and its trainers, love the Land Rover Brand and teach authenticity.

They took the time and explained everything in detail, and then showed us while they drove, then let us go on our own with a trainer in the car with us, as well as a spotter. They helped us every step of the way. What is so great about Off-Roving is that they were able to get a group of women to be excited about off-roading and their trucks! It is not every day that something like this happens. I ENJOYED my truck before, and thought it was nice looking and comfortable, but now I LOVE my truck!

I feel so confident driving it and knowing first hand its capabilities. I would highly recommend that a class like this be offered to all new Land Rover owners. I learned so much about the buttons and controls on my car that the dealer never taught me, so even if I wasn't planning on going off-road it's an important class to attend because it teaches you about the CAR too. It's like I got the car ‘delivered’ again.”


“I would highly recommend signing up for this orientation day [Dipped in Green Event] for all new Land Rover owners.

Whether you decide to off road of not, there is a comfort in knowing how capable your truck is and what types of obstacles that you can overcome in your Land Rover. The principles that you learn here, can be used in your day to day driving as well.

The one-on-one hands-on training was second to none.

Everyone was very knowledgeable and friendly. All the trainers had a genuine interest in seeing us succeed with our trucks.

This day exceeded my expectations by far, plus I had so much fun!”


“I was impressed with the "brand immersion" part of the experience. I learned so much about the history and romantic heritage of Land Rover. It made me look at my Land Rover in a new way, a more personal way.

I feel I have a connection with my Land Rover now, that I didn't have before.

Off Roving did a fabulous job presenting Land Rover [vehicle] and representing the Land Rover brand in their lifestyle, and enthusiasm for authenticity.

Our Experience Guides knew more [I believe] about the vehicles and technology than my dealer did...maybe my dealer is ‘afraid’ of your [Off Roving's] competence and fail to see you as a valuable extension of them?”


“I think this session is something everyone can benefit from. You learn a lot about the capabilities and how Land Rovers differ from other automobiles. It also gives people an opportunity to ask questions and talk about their concerns.

This would have been great for me when I was considering a Land Rover, it would have made me feel there was no other choice than Land Rover. Or right after.

I've had my Land Rover for over a year now and just now finally learned everything I wanted/needed to know about it, and taking it to new places.

Why doesn't the dealer offer this? Have you spoken to the dealers? They'd be silly not to offer this to every customer. The dealers don't pay enough attention to women as they do men, and the Women-Only Experience was awesome and important to me as a female Land Rover owner.”


“I would strongly encourage them [LRNA] to get on the bandwagon and use Off Roving to do their training for them! I want to be trained by a trainer who actually drives these cars himself [and make the payments themselves too!]. Honestly, this was such a great experience, and I doubt most sales people have the time to teach owners all about car and what their vehicles can do. This time with Adam and his team, was wonderful and so informative...the best part was getting to drive the trail myself, not just being told what to do. Hands-on was great!

Also, dealers could probably set up times with them that would be convenient for the owners, not just once a quarter or however often they hold events. [Dealer:] Don't take my word for it...go on an Off Roving experience and see for yourself...you'd be doing your dealership a favor. It is obvious that they [Off Roving] know what they're doing.

They're pros and really enthusiastic about it!”


“In order to appreciate what the vehicle can do, you need to go on an adventure with Off-Roving.

You won't get this type of treatment from the dealer. They'll say they will take you out every quarter but you don't get near the level of attention and certainly not an education....the dealer is missing out here and should be providing this service themselves, I wish you the best but the dealers should be doing this!

If they're wise, they would use Off Roving to do it because they do it better than any dealer event I've been on. Dealer events are always understaffed and I feel extremely uneasy with their lack of direction. It's like they ”have to do it”, and it shows.”Testimonials


“I had the opportunity of hiring Adam to execute an important team building event for my company. I first experienced Adam’s knowledge and professionalism on a six day expedition in Colorado. During that trip, I noticed his attention to detail, energetic personality, and forward thinking, I knew he would be perfect for my event. Needless to say, I was not disappointed.

That event took place a few years ago and to this day, people are still talking about it, what they learned from it, and how they are still applying it to today’s problem solving.

Adam took our team building to the next level by really getting the attendees to think out of the box and even to overcome some of their fears. The topping on the cake was the memory book he surprised us all with a week later. It had photos from the event, inspirational quotes, and quotes the employees made during the event.

Since then I have been to other team building events and have never experienced anything close to this."

Names have been removed since we are no longer are in business. Customer references for the above statements are on file and available upon legitimate request.
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